Greece received just 500 million euro from cruises in 2014

The champion in cruise revenue in 2014 was Italy with 4601 million euro, followed by Germany with 3254 million euro, the UK with 3155 million euro, Spain with 1208 million euro, France with 1117 million euro, Norway with  591 million euro, Finland with 582 million euro, Greece with 506 million euro, Netherlands with 399 million euro and Sweden with 228 million euro.

Greece could obtain a greater share in the cruise market by implementing a national strategic development plan, which includes a network of six to seven ports, the executive director of the International Association of Cruise (CLIA) in Europe and CEO of Celestyal Cruises, Kyriakos Anastasiadis, said on the occasion of the publication of the Union’s figures on the progress of the industry.

According to CLIA Europe’s figures, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and France, hold 83 per cent of the passenger market share.

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