The Caryatids of Greece’s Amphipolis are revealed

Since archaeologists in Amphipolis have unearthed the Caryatids, the great art had caused excitement. Now, however, the greatness of the two sculptures has been revealed in all its splendour, after the removal of three rows of the sealing limestone wall in front of the second septal wall of the tomb.

The two caryatids are of a height of 2.27 m. They are wearing long tunics and long fringed robes with rich folds, they bear cothurnus, which are decorated in red and yellow colours, while the toes of their feet have been depicted with great detail.

As stated in the new announcement by Greece’s Ministry of Culture, the caryatids are standing on marble pedestals of a length of 1.33 m. and width 0.68 m., which have been revealed, for the moment, at a height of about 0.30 meters.

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