Hungary’s municipal elections: Fidesz stranglehold likely to ease

The municipal elections across Hungary on October 12 are unlikely to see national conservative governing party Fidesz repeat its landslide victory in the same polls four years ago, which included Budapest, with its traditionally left-liberal orientation. We examine the possibilities in the major cities and the districts of Budapest.

Szeged (with about 170,000 inhabitants) is a bastion of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), and its László Botka has been in power for the past 12 years. Botka is the only leftist politician heading a capital city in the 19 counties. At the last municipal elections in 2010 he managed to gain seven percentage points over his challenger from Fidesz. His Fidesz opponent now is János Kothencz, who has minimal chance of unseating the still popular Botka.

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(Photo of Szeged Town Hall: Petr Brož)