Serbian voices on referendum in Scotland

The latest polls which suggested a lead for the pro-independence camp ahead of the September 18 referendum in Scotland had its echoes in Serbian media with most commentators hailing the possibility of Scotland’s separation from the United Kingdom.

The motive is clear: the UK participated in the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 and supported the independence of Kosovo which Serbia considers as a part of its territory.

It seems that state-owned Politika daily has given the greatest attention to the latest polls by YouGov that  showed the “yes” vote narrowly in the lead for the first time since the campaign started. The main headline on the front page “London shocked, polls in favour of Scotland’s secession” was followed by comments from delighted readers. “May God help their (Scots) secession referendum to be successful and Serbia first to recognise it (Scotland) as an independent country,” one reader posted.

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