Russia says Ukrainian shell crosses border, kills one

Russian media say a shell fired in Ukraine has struck a Russian border town, killing one person and wounding another.

The reports say the shell landed Sundayh in the town of Donetsk (Rostov region, Russia). The Associated Press quotes a Russian official as saying the incident would be met with “an appropriate response,” but gave no further explanation.

On Saturday, the European Union said it is placing sanctions on 11 leaders of the pro-Russian rebellion in eastern Ukraine, including separatist leader Alexander Borodai.

The rebels have declared independence for the region and have been fighting Ukrainian government troops. Borodai is a Russian citizen who has declared himself the prime minister of the Donetsk region in the east of Ukraine.

The EU had already imposed sanctions on many other people and businesses involved in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

On Friday, Amnesty International said it has graphic evidence that pro-Russian separatists have carried out what it calls “stomach-turning beatings and torture” in eastern Ukraine. The Amnesty report also says there is evidence of a smaller number of abuses by Ukrainian forces.

Fighting has surged in the east since a Ukrainian government cease-fire expired at the end of June. Since then, Ukrainian forces have driven the rebels out of several cities, including Slovyansk, which was their main stronghold.


(Photo: Ukraine defence ministry)