Deputy treasury minister denies allegations in Poland’s ongoing tape scandal

Poland is working on the creation of state coal repository based on the assets of state coal exporter Weglokoks and has never considered buying coal importer and trader, whose owner Marek Falenta faces prosecution in relation to the recent tape scandal, deputy Treasury Minister Rafal Baniak said in a press statement on Friday.

Baniak reportedly made an offer for purchasing by the Treasury Ministry of from businessman Marek Falenta, now a suspect in the wire-tapping scandal, Falenta himself said in an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza daily, adding that he links the refusal to sell the firm with his apprehension by state security agency ABW. According to Falenta, the conversation happened a week before his apprehension.

At issue is Poland’s recent commitment to support Polish coal miners, which suffer in competition with importers of cheaper Russian coal, such as Sklady Wegla.

Deputy Treasury Minister Baniak denied that such an offer was made. “The possibility of buying Sklady Wegla has never been analyzed or discussed by anybody within the Treasury Ministry” or by the inter-ministerial team for coal, Baniak said.

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(The government of prime minister Donald Tusk, pictured, survived a vote of no confidence last week. Photo: European People’s Party.)