Political uproar over Bulgaria’s suspension of South Stream gas pipeline project

A predictable political uproar has followed Bulgaria’s announcement that it is stopping all activities linked to South Stream pending dealing with the European Commission’s queries over the gas pipeline project, with opposition politicians calling the episode a humiliation for Bulgaria and calling for the government’s resignation.

After a June 8 meeting with three visiting United States senators, Plamen Oresharski – occupant of the prime minister’s chair in the Bulgarian Socialist Party cabinet – said that all work on South Stream had been stopped while Bulgaria deals with the queries raised by the EC, which on June 2 initiated an infringement procedure in connection with the choice of Stroytransgaz to build the Bulgarian land section of the project.

Boiko Borissov, leader of centre-right opposition GERB, said, “I have always said that in trying to deceive everyone, Brussels, Moscow and Washington, Oresharski and company will cause the South Stream project to fail”.

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