Nimetz: Parties made no progress in ‘Macedonia’ name dispute

The United Nations mediator in the dispute between Athens and Skopje in the dispute over the use of the name “Macedonia”, Matthew Nimetz, said that in the round of talks held on March 26 2014 in New York, there had been no progress as far as the harmonisation of the positioning of the two negotiating parties is concerned.

“There have been no concrete results from the meeting. There have been sincere and dynamic talks. Both parties have agreed on intensifying talks. The parties are happy with this format of negotiations and a new meeting has been scheduled to take place in the end of May, after which I will visit the region”, Nimetz said after a meeting with Skopje’s intermediary Zoran Jolevski and the representative of the government in Athens, Adamantios Vasilakis.

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(UN Photo/Rick Bajornas)