Slovakia’s presidential elections: Low turnout harms Fico

Slovakia’s prime minister Robert Fico did not get the result he was expecting in the first round of the presidential election and many, including Fico himself, are linking his lower than expected vote totals to the low voter turnout.

The official results of the March 15 presidential election show that only 43.4 per cent of the voters turned up to the polls. While 28 per cent of voters supported Fico in the competition, 24 per cent gave their votes to Andrej Kiska, who will now be Fico’s challenger in the run-off round, scheduled to take place in two weeks.

After the results were published, Fico admitted he expected the turnout to be about 60 per cent, and said the lower turnout also caused his support to be lower than he expected. He said his expectations were around 29-30 per cent. The pre-election polls estimated his preferences at between 35-40 per cent.

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