Protesters threaten violence if Yanukovych does not resign now

President Viktor Yanukovych received an ultimatum from militant protesters on EuroMaidan: Resign now or else.

Hostility to a deal reached between Yanukovych and opposition flared on Independence Square the night of February 21. Anti-government protesters say the deal does not go far enough because it allows Yanukovych to stay in power until an early election in December, rather than resign immediately.

When opposition leaders spoke to protesters from the main stage about the deal, a member of one of the “people’s self-defence” units interrupted and took to the stage with this threat:

“77 people died, and they are still negotiating. I ask you to support us in this. I speak from my unit – if you (opposition leaders) don’t make a statement demanding Yanukovych’s resignation by 10 a.m. tomorrow, we will go with the weapons, I swear it.” The man, who goes by the nickname Bandera (after legendary Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera who lived from 1909 to 1959), could not be immediately reached.

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