Kosovo marks sixth anniversary of independence

Celebrations took place in Kosovo on the occasion of February 17, the sixth anniversary of independence.

The main squares were adorned with national flags and flags of friendly countries. The object which symbolizes the birth of the state of Kosovo has now taken the colours of the uniform of Kosovo Liberation Army in honour of the anniversary of independence.

Some of the main festive activities included a march by the troops of Kosovo Security Forces in Mother Teresa Square, several official receptions, homage to the heroes and a visit to their families, a number of concerts and solemn fireworks later in the evening.

The parliament of Kosovo held a solemn session with the participation of international political personalities and personalities from neighbouring countries. Speeches were delivered in this solemn session by the speaker of parliament, Dr. Jakup Krasniqi, prime minister Hashim Thaci and president of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga.

Krasniqi praised the contribution of Independence: “February 17 2008 will eternally remain in the history of Kosovo, as a wreath of a century long effort of our people for freedom, independence, democracy and human dignity,” Krasniqi said in his speech.

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(Photo of Kosovo flag by Quinn Dombrowski/flickr.com)