Ukraine: EuroMaidan increases security after bomb cripples two protesters

Andriy Parubiy, the security chief of EuroMaidan, instructed the protesters on February 7 to accept no objects from people they do not know, no matter how well-meaning they may seem. His warning came a day after an explosion that left a young man and a teenager crippled for life when they opened a box they thought contained donations of medical supplies.

Early afternoon on February 6, Roman Dzvinivskiy, a young man who wore markings identifying him as a militant Right Sector member, was approached by an unknown man and handed a small box. The man, who spoke Ukrainian, praised his group – which has engaged in clashes with police – for heroism and handed over the box.

“Here’s a present for you, guys,” he said.

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(Photo: EuroMaidan, via Twitter)