Erdogan government shaken to its core

A huge scandal of corruption is shaking the Turkish government to its core with political analysts saying that Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s influence is dramatically dropping as his closest aides have allegedly been bribed. The Turkish economy is also being affected. About 12 billion euro (30 billion Turkish liras) “vanished” due to a nine per cent drop in the main index of the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

$4.5 million in shoe boxes went to state-run bank chief

The details of the scandal that are hitting the spotlight are shocking. During a police raid at the home of Suleyman Arslan, the Director General of state-owned Halkbank, USD 4.5 million was seized. The notes were hidden in shoe boxes. The bank had previously been accused by the US of being used for money transferred to Iran.

Sons of ministers acting as middle-men?

Meanwhile, the questioning of the sons of the ministers of the Interior, Finance and the Environment of the Erdogan government continues.

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