Tired of mayhem at home, Yanukovych flees to China

Thousands of Ukrainians remain on the streets in Kyiv, demanding the resignation of the country’s government as well as its President, Viktor Yanukovych. But the unrest at home did not keep him from sticking to his schedule. This morning Yanukovych left Kyiv for a three-day trip to China, where he plans to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and secure investment for Ukraine, according to a statement posted to his administration’s website.

“A large number of deals are planned to be signed, which include investments for Ukraine,” Yanukovych said in a television interview with journalists on Dec.2. “Even though the internal situation is not good for the visits, the economy of the country will lose if I reject it,” he said.

Any outside help is crucial for cash-starved Ukraine. The country is facing $10.8 billion in external debt repayments by the end of 2014, while its foreign reserves are at a risky $20 billion mark already – less than three months’ worth of imports, which is recommended by the International Monetary Fund.

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(Photo: Igor Kruglenko)