Mass grave uncovered in Bosnia; 360 bodies found so far

Forensic experts in Bosnia are digging up hundreds of human remains from one of the largest mass graves found since the country’s war ended in 1992.

“Bodies were found piled up ten meters under the ground’s surface. Some identification documents were found next to bodies so now we can say that victims were residents of villages of Biscana, Sjenica, Rixzvanovica and Carapova. Victims were Bosniak and Croat civilians killed in 1992 in the Prijedor area,” said Lejla Cengic of the Missing Persons Institute.

Crews have so far uncovered the remains of 360 villagers, and they expect the death toll to rise.

Authorities say many of the Bosniak and Croats were killed in concentration camps by Serbian soldiers.

“I’m searching for my four uncles. Mehid Mrkalj has been found and with God’s help I hope to find the other three, Kasim, Lafif, and Sakib. There are many more relatives, neighbors and friends who are still missing after all these years. Thank God that this mass grave has been found and that this hill has revealed the truth,” said Suad Zeric, a Bosniak and a detainee during the fighting.

Authorities hope to identify the victims through DNA samples provided by relatives.


(Photo: Jennifer Boyer/