Greece’s former FM Pangalos: We spied on the US

Greece’s former foreign minister Theodoros Pangalos revealed on radio station Vima FM on October 29 that the Greek government had spied on the former US ambassador to Greece.

Pangalos said that during his time as foreign minister, intelligence work was carried out and the US Ambassadors in Athens and Ankara were both targets; however, he did not specify the exact time he was referring to.

“I will tell you – and it may seem odd to you – that the Greek Intelligence Agency had managed not only to spy on the US ambassador in Athens but also the US ambassador in Ankara. Every time I went to office with my coffee and bagel, I had a pile of documents waiting for me with anything that will interest me, not everything. This was when I was a minister,” Pangalos said when asked to comment on revelations that the NSA did spy work in Athens.

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