Film review: 2 Guns

It’s all about the dinero. In the case of 2 Guns, more than 43 million George Washingtons. It is drug money, of course, but the story is a little different from your usual “wrong side of the border” narratives. This time, the CIA is the bad guys.

The good guys are the ones who rob a bank in a small Texan town close to the border with Mexico. They’re Bobby and Stig, played by Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, respectively. In the opening scene, Bobby goes to a bank to get his own safe-deposit box, checking out the tiny bank branch in the process, while his partner in crime, Stig, sits at a booth in a diner opposite that claims to have the best donuts in three counties. There’s some banter that shows the two guys seem to know each other really well, and it ends with the two burning the place down, though nobody gets hurt.

They have a plan, and they certainly seem like career criminals, or at least clever when it comes to crime. But it’s all a big facade, as they are both in fact career crime fighters, whose main interest is to get the drug money stored in the bank that belongs to a king pin in Mexico.

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