Anti-corruption prosecutor’s dismissal troubles political waters in Romania

Romanian president Traian Basescu warned on October 3 2013 that he is considering putting an end to the political cohabitation pact he signed with PM Victor Ponta after the latter intervened to dismiss an anti-corruption prosecutor investigating the deputy-PM for rigging votes in last year’s referendum for removing Basescu from power.

Basescu argued the independence of the Romanian justice has been seriously trampled on by Ponta’s decision who last night called the prosecutor a “fan of Basescu” who dealt in creating only political files.

“This is simply an interference of the politics by ordering the prosecutor-general to do something,” Basescu said in a debate hosted by daily Evenimentul Zilei, the following day the prosecutor was removed. “This very moment, by what they have done, Ponta, Nitu (Romania’s prosecutor-general) and Cazanciuc (Justice Minister) have compromised Romania,” Basescu said.

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