Exhibitions, speeches mark 45th anniversary of Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia

The 45th anniversary of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia was marked with a display of photographs, screenings of documentaries and the display of a Soviet-era armored personnel carrier and an ambulance built by Czechoslovak carmaker Škoda.

Outgoing Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok spoke about the invasion in front of the headquarters of Czech Radio, one of the key scenes of fighting on August 21 1968.

“It is worth standing up to violence, occupation [and] lies,” Rusnok said, according to the Czech News Agency (ČTK). Worldwide people still face the threat of violence, and Rusnok added that it is necessary “to recall one’s own past and the people who risked the most valuable [thing] they had.”

Czech Radio director Peter Duhan said that the radio employees in 1968 were not only professionals and patriots, but also very courageous people. Archival recordings of the radio coverage of the invasion were played for the crowd that assembled to listen to the comments.

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(Photo: A Soviet armoured personnel carrier model BRDM-1 that was used in the invasion: Walter Novak)