Pro-Nazi book pulled from Slovak booksellers’ shelves

In a move stirring lively debate on the limits of free speech, online and storefront booksellers have pulled a book glorifying Hitler from their shelves.

The Czech-language book published by the Czech publishing house Guidemedia, entitled
“100 dokumentů o vzniku války” (100 Documents About the Outbreak of the War), contains Czech translations of international treaties and diplomatic correspondence that, according to the publisher’s note, show: “England was decided in advance to use violence to cross the path of the Leader, whose genial art of statesmanship has managed to remove the worst Versailles crimes without any bloodshed and any interference with the English interests.” The note continues in similar tone, praising Hitler and condemning countries which later allied against the Nazi Germany in World War 2.

Customer reactions have led both Martinus bookstores to stop selling the “100 Documents” book, citing its promotion of extremism in the book as their main motivation. The Panta Rhei book store cited the same reason, noting they have not had the book on stock for a long time, and they are not planning to order more.

Additionally, Martinus’ founder and CEO Michal Meško said that Guidemedia’s Facebook page “openly sympathises with the Nazi regime and promotes extremism”, and that the annotation to the book by Guidemedia provided to booksellers was misleading.

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