Electricity war started in Croatia

After Slovenian company GEN-I won a tender in June to supply the Croatian public administration with electricity, now the Croatian rivals, company HEP has started to reduce prices, too. Now, after 23 years, HEP has announced a price reduction.

“The electricity war” intensified when the Central Office for Public Procurement announced that in the future all ministries will get the electricity supply from GEN-I. Their offer was 1.2 million euro cheaper than HEP’s.

“We will definitely be actively involved in the competition. We will reward loyal customers, offer new packages and offers will be different. It can be expected in the future,” said HEP CEO Tomislav Seric.

The customers did not have to wait for long –  HEP has just applied to the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA) for reduction of manufacturing components in electricity prices for households by 10.7 per cent. And if this proposal is accepted, the final price of electricity for households on average could be lower by six to seven per cent.


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