Film review: World War Z

The opening credits of World War Z are ominous, to say the least. Actual news footage, in which news presenters and other experts discuss global warming and such well-known epidemics as H1N1, together with wholly fictional footage that shows a kind of widespread rabies among the human population provide an image of a world about to implode.

That is exactly what happens just a few scenes later, when downtown Philadelphia, home to former United Nations special agent Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), suddenly also becomes home to a rapidly spreading virus in the form of zombies whose population grows as fast as they can deliver a deadly (or, more accurately, undeadly) bite to a human.

The epidemic seems unstoppable, but Lane, who has worked in life-threatening situations before, including in Liberia and Sri Lanka, is called upon by an old friend, Thierry (Fana Mokoena), the UN deputy secretary general, to go to work and cure the world.

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