US report: Romania holds immense shale gas reserves

Romania has shale gas reserves of about 1444 billion cubic meters which, judging by the average annual consumption of 14 billion cubic meters, can ensure the country’s gas autonomy for about a 100 years, reveals a report of the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) released yesterday.

The text says Romanian soil holds 51 000 billion cubic feet of shale gas (1444 billion cubic meters) which are technically retrievable. The previous assessment of Romania’s shale gas reserves were about 113 billion cubic meters, ten times less.

Thus, the report puts Romania third in the EU according to the shale gas reserves, after Poland (4190 billion cubic meters) and France (3879 cubic meters). Bulgaria is ranked sixth with 481 billion cubic meters, on the same level with Germany. In Europe as a whole, excepting Russia and Ukraine, EIA’s shale gas assessment rises to a total of 13 308 billion cubic meters, three times more than the actual proven reserves.

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