Flood Watch Budapest: Class 1 Weather warning issued for June 5

The Hungarian weather service (OMSZ) has issued a Class 1 weather warning for torrential rain on the afternoon of June 5 2013.

According to their website there are no warnings for the next one to three hours but precipitation of up to 30mm can build up in a short time later today in Budapest.

The full length of roads on both lower Danube embankments is closed.

The European Commission is providing near real-time updates on the water levels around central Europe (not just the Danube). According to their readings a level 1 alert has been exceeded in the southern parts of Slovakia, heading in to Hungary. There aren’t any updates about the situation in Hungary on the map but if you wish to stay updated on your own you can do so at http://floods.jrc.ec.europa.eu/ongoing-floods


Live updates on the flood situation regarding Hungary can be found at The Budapest Times

(Photo: Jonathan Malm/sxc.hu)