Film review: The Big Wedding

A film in which Robin Williams stars as a priest was never going to be serious. But when you have a Brit playing an American who was born in and adopted from Colombia, you know there were never any serious intentions to begin with.

The Big Wedding, a film that never even tries to live up to its title, wants to be the kind of star-studded vehicle we have come to expect from Valentine’s Day’s Garry Marshall. Frontloaded with Robert de Niro, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon, among others, almost every face is a familiar one, and characters are secondary to the many stars trotted out like cheap commodities.

De Niro and Keaton play Don and Ellie, a divorced couple with three children. One of them, Alejandro (Ben Barnes), was adopted at birth and is on the verge of getting married to Missy (Amanda Seyfried), a nice enough girl whose racist parents are social embarrassments, not unlike the film itself. Unfortunately, Alejandro can’t tell his birth mother his adoptive parents are divorced, because for some reason she is sure to flip out.

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(Still of Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Katherine Heigl, Christine Ebersole, Patricia Rae and Ana Ayora in The Big Wedding. © 2013 – Lionsgate)