Film review: Oblivion

“Are you still an effective team?” asks the happy-but-firm, middle-aged Sally (voiced by Melissa Leo, who gives the role her best Texas twang) at mission control, also known as Tet, which orbits the planet in the year 2077.

She is speaking to the porcelain-faced Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), seated high above the clouds in a glass tower, where she lives with Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), a senior commander and flyer of drones who patrols the decimated planet beneath in search of scavengers. Earth was all but destroyed when aliens invaded a few decades earlier, left in ruin as a result of nuclear war, and what remains is nearly unrecognizable, save the odd bit of the Washington Monument or the Manhattan Bridge that still sticks out above the dust that now covers everything.

The relationship between Victoria and Jack is undefined; during the day, Jack repairs the drones that secure some enormous machines converting seawater into energy for the human race, which has mostly been rehabilitated on Titan around Saturn. He is aided in his mission by Victoria, who receives orders from Sally at Tet and processes all the data that is sent back.

Read the full review at The Prague Post. Oblivion’s theatrical release in Bulgaria was on April 12.

(Still of Tom Cruise in Oblivion via © 2013 – Universal Pictures)