Film review: Snitch

Films’ politics are often revealed not in the presentation of the story but in the epilogue that serves to hit home one last time the injustice of the events we’ve just seen onscreen – in case we missed just how terrible it all is and what wider misery it really represents.

In Snitch, a film in which a father’s love for his son drives him to go undercover and expose a drug dealer so that his son – a first offender who accepted a parcel containing a whole bag full of illegal pills from his best friend – can walk free, those politics are not objectionable, but it sadly cannot pull the film from oblivion.

That the father is played by Dwayne Johnson, better known by his wrestling moniker “The Rock,” probably doesn’t help much to connect us to this important character.

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(Still of Susan Sarandon, Barry Pepper and Dwayne Johnson in Snitch. Photo by Steve Dietl – © 2012 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved. via