Film review: The Host

The Host bills itself as a science-fiction film for those who don’t like science fiction. Given its pedigree as a product of writer Stephenie Meyer, perhaps the film can be better described as a science-fiction film for those who do like Twilight, as Meyer was responsible for that long-running franchise.

The story is clearly Meyer territory, as it contains many undead characters on the prowl for the living. In this case, however, the vampires don’t suck the life blood out of the living, because they abhor violence. Instead, they are aliens from another world that have taken over Planet Earth in order to restore peace and tranquility to a civilization that has long forsaken it.

In order to do this, the aliens inhabit human bodies – more accurately, corpses – and get along without the threat of thermonuclear war or pollution or any other kind of depletion of natural resources. The world is a bit nondescript, as capitalism has disappeared and everybody shops without money at a place simply called “store,” where row upon row of unbranded goods can be collected by anyone with a Prius.

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(Still of Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Chandler Canterbury in The Host. Photo by Alan Markfield – © 2012 – Open Road Films via