Film Review: Brave

It is difficult to make a film with a teenager in the lead, especially when she is an animated princess, and not make it feel out of date. The best option is usually to make it clear the events take place in a mythical wonderland somewhere in the very fictional past.

Brave is a Disney-Pixar film that does its title justice by very forcefully positioning the role of the princess as more than just a consort to the future king, but as a woman with a mind of her own who should not be told what to do. Why is that such a brave thing to do? Because balancing this representation of a princess, or of a woman, with the demands of the otherwise historical-minded setting, is not an easy thing to do. In this case, however, the filmmakers achieved this fusion very gracefully.

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* Brave is on circuit in Bulgarian cinemas under the title Храбро сърце