Film review: 2 Days in New York

Marion (Julie Delpy) is not a nice person; she might even be crazy. But almost always, people – and most importantly, her boyfriend, Mingus (Chris Rock), with whom she shares an apartment in New York City – forgive her recklessness and socially inept comments for one reason: She is French.

Everyone’s patience is thoroughly tested, however, when Marion invites her father for a visit to the United States, and he brings along Marion’s sister Rose and her very immature boyfriend, Manu.

2 Days in New York is the sequel to the very enjoyable 2007 film, 2 Days in Paris, in which Marion visited her home town for the titular 48 hours, accompanied by her then-boyfriend Jack. The one thing that is seared into the memory of anyone who has seen that film is the comedy provided by Jack’s discovery that Marion has seemingly slept with everyone in Paris – and stayed friends with all of them.

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