Bulgarian Orthodox Church Patriarch: Leaders should serve the people

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On February 24, Metropolitan Neofit of Rousse was elected Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, as successor to Maxim who had died in November 2012. After a troubled path to the election that exposed bitter infighting in the Synod, Neofit moved to restore a credible position in society for the church, a task not made easier by the controversies that were to follow in 2013, including that around the death of Varna Metropolitan Kiril in July and the initial scandals around the election of a successor to Kiril.

Bulgarian Orthodox Church Patriarch Neofit says that God puts people in positions of leadership not to satisfy their personal ambitions and goals but to be the servants of the people.

Neofit, elected Patriarch of the church in February 2013 at the time of the earlier protests that were mobilised around cost-of-living issues, was speaking against a background of continuing anti-government protests.

While standing back from taking sides, the Patriarch earlier issued a message to the current protesters in which he extended his blessing to them.

Speaking on July 4, at a ceremony at which he received a leadership award, Neofit said that a real leader was one who devoted himself completely to the will of God and to the care of the people. This should be done not under compulsion, but willingly, he said.

Neofit said that humility is a virtue necessary for a true leader.


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