Bulgaria’s June 2024 elections: Dossier Commission discloses who worked for communist-era secret services

The Dossier Commission, the body required by law to disclose who in various walks of public life worked for Bulgaria’s communist-era secret services, has announced which candidates in Bulgaria’s June 2024 National Assembly and European Parliament elections were affiliated with State Security.

There are 6136 candidates in the early National Assembly elections. The Commission checked 2316, while 3820 were not subject to checking because they are younger than the age set in law for checking.

In Bulgaria’s European Parliament elections, there 416 candidates. A total of 269 were checked, while 269 were younger than the age threshold.

The Commission established that a total of 79 candidates in the elections worked for State Security.

Among them, 10 are nominated by the Left coalition; eight by the Bulgarian Voice party; six by the Coalition of the Rose; five each by BSP for Bulgaria, VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement party, Morality Unity Honour party, We the Citizens coalition; four each by GERB-UDF and Solidarity Bulgaria; three each by Neutral Bulgaria coalition and Centre coalition; two each by Vuzrazhdane, Party for Great Bulgaria and Unity party; and one each by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, the Party of the Greens, the Bulgarian National Alliance, the Bulgarian Union for Direct Democracy, Bulgaria Ascending and Velichie party.

Bulgaria’s constitution does not allow lustration, so disclosure does not bar anyone from seeking or holding public office.

Some names below are duplicated because of candidacies both for the National Assembly and the European Parliament.

Candidate MPs and the parties or coalitions on whose lists they are candidates:

Anatoli Chipev (The Left)

Angel Nenov (Morality Unity Honour)

Atanas Delibaltov (Solidarity Bulgaria)

Boyan Kirov (Solidarity Bulgaria)

Boyan Bozhinov (The Left)

Valentin Hristov (Bulgarian National Alliance)

Valentin Stamov (The Left)

Vangel Arabadzhiev (Solidarity Bulgaria)

Velizar Enchev (BSP for Bulgaria)

Veselin Stanev (Coalition of the Rose)

Vladimir Milkov (Party for Great Bulgaria)

Vulyou Iliev (Neutral Bulgaria)

Georgi Vdovichin (GERB-UDF)

Georgi Seferinov Georgiev (Bulgaria Ascending)

Georgi Zahariev (Coalition of the Rose)

Darin Kinov (VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement party)

Dimitar Georgiev Dimitrov (VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement party)

Dimitar Zlidolski (The Left)

Dimitar Nikolov Dimitrov (Bulgarian Voice)

Dimitar Minkov (The Left)

Dimka Gospodinova (Morality Unity Honour)

Diyan Yordanov (Bulgarian Voice)

Emil Vladimirov (Neutral Bulgaria)

Etien Levi (Velichie)

Zlatko Zdravkov (Bulgarian Voice)

Ivan Borisov Genov (Solidarity Bulgaria)

Ivan Vachev (We the Citizens)

Ivan Hartarski (Vuzrazhdane)

Iliyan Vitev (Party for Great Bulgaria)

Kolyo Paramov (Centre)

Krasen Peychev (Morality Unity Honour)

Krassimir Karakachanov (VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement)

Krassimir Sotirov (Coalition of the Rose)

Krustyou Krustev (Bulgarian Voice)

Lyubomir Kyuchkov (Solidarity Bulgaria)

Lyubomir Hristov (GERB-UDF)

Lyubomir Slavkov (Coalition of the Rose)

Maxim Velkov (We the Citizens)

Marin Uzunov (Centre)

Marchelo Risov (Bulgarian Voice)

Nako Stefanov (We the Citizens)

Nikola Vuchev (Coalition of the Rose)

Nikolai Milanov Nikolov (Bulgarian Union for Direct Democracy)

Nikolia Radulov (Morality Unity Honour)

Ognemir Penchev (The Leftt)

Pavel Denkov (Bulgarian Voice)

Petko Bozhkov (Morality Unity Honour)

Petar Beron (VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement)

Plamen Rusev (Centre)

Plamen Markov (The Left)

Plamen Krustev (Bulgarian Voice)

Plamen Asenov (BSP for Bulgaria)

Radion Popov (The Left)

Radko Handzhiev (Neutral Bulgaria)

Ramadan Atalay (Movement for Rights and Freedoms)

Reni Baykova-Uzunova (Vuzrazhdane)

Roumen Mladenov (We the Citizens)

Roumen Hristov (Bulgarian Voice)

Roumen Gechev (BSP for Bulgaria)

Roumen Georgiev (BSP for Bulgaria)

Savcho Tanchev (The Left)

Stanislav Andreev (GERB-UDF)

Stefan Getsov (Coalition of the Rose)

Stiliyan Ivanov (BSP for Bulgaria)

Hashim Redzhebov (Unity)

Hristo Stoyanov (Unity)

Hristo Dunchev (Party of the Greens)

Hristo Smolenov (VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement)

Chavdar Borachev (We the Citizens)

Yanko Yanev (The Left)

Candidate MEPs and the parties or coalitions on whose lists they are candidates:

Velizar Enchev (BSP for Bulgaria)

Dimitar Minkov (The Left)

Etien Levi (Velichie)

Marchello Rizov (Bulgarian Voice)

Nako Stefanov (We the Citizens)

Roumen Gechev (BSP for Bulgaria)

Chavdar Borachev (We the Citizens)

Yanko Yanev (The Left)

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