Macedonia’s former PM Gruevski breaks his silence in a TV interview: ‘One day I will return’

“One day I will return, I didn’t come here to live, but to take refuge from political persecution. I’m unjustly convicted. I fought in court, but I saw that all the absurdities were met for me to go prison,” Nikola Gruevski, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, said in his first TV interview since his escape to Hungary.

Gruevski also said that he fled Macedonia “very easily” through Albania to Hungary where he was granted political asylum.

“I left Macedonia very easily. I departed for Albania. I went to the Hungarian Embassy in Tirana where I submitted an application for political asylum. From there, I embarked on a journey to Hungary, which involved trips prepared according to their internal consultations due to the fact that I had served as prime minister for many years. For security reasons, it was wise for me to be transported somehow to Hungary,” Gruevski said.

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