Bulgaria welcomes European Commission adoption of strategy for Western Balkans

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bulgaria said on February 6 that it welcomes the Strategy for the Western Balkans, adopted the same day by the European Commission.

“A number of our ideas have found a place in it,” Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry said.

“The document recognizes the strategic importance of the region for Europe. This is precisely what we have been trying to bring back the region to the EU’s agenda, which has happened for the first time in 15 years,” the ministry said.

After the Thessaloniki Summit in 2003, now for the first time in May 2018, Bulgaria will bring together all the leaders of Europe and the region to move faster together towards our common goal, the statement said.

The strategy applies to all six countries, which should accelerate reforms and build good neighbourly relations. Progress will continue to be based on the individual achievements of each individual country, no country that is ready will have to wait for another.

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