ECHR orders Bulgaria to pay more than 33 000 euro in ‘United Macedonian Organisation Ilinden’ cases

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Bulgaria to pay 33 220 euro in damages arising from cases brought by the “United Macedonian Organisation Ilinden” and others over refusal of registration and banning of rallies.

The ECHR announced its findings in the cases of the “United Macedonian Organisation Ilinden”, Yordan Ivanov and others, and Kiril Ivanov vs Bulgaria, on January 11 2018.

The first two cases concerned complaints about the authorities’ refusal to allow the registration of an association in Bulgaria, the “United Macedonian Organisation Ilinden”, in rulings in 2014-16 and 2012-13 respectively.

The third complaint concerned the banning of rallies by people who are linked to that group in September 2006 and September 2007.

Ilinden is based in south-west Bulgaria in an area known as the Pirin region. Its organisers aim to achieve the recognition of a Macedonian minority and organise commemorative events at various sites in the region.

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