Snow in Western Europe leads to delays at Sofia Airport

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For the third day in a row, weather conditions at Western European airports, among them some in the United Kingdom and Belgium, are causing delays at Sofia Airport as well, even though the current weather in Bulgaria is almost ideal for aviation.

This morning, several arrivals were late, which led to delayed departures as well. In the early afternoon, the regular British Airways flight from Heathrow had a 17-minute delay, while the delay for a Wizz Air flight from London-Luton to Sofia was 1 hour and 10 minutes.

A Bulgaria Air flight from Amsterdam was marked as delayed indefinitely. At Amsterdam’s Shiphol Airport virtually all flights were late. Some were even cancelled due to the snow.

The Situation for flights from the UK to Bulgaria might not improve that quickly. In London, British Airways was offering passengers refunds or re-bookings for later flights.

Even ‘Le Shuttle’, the trains which race through the Euro Tunnel, are reporting delays of up to six hours, at this stage.

What outgoing flights from Sofia are concerned, only slight delays were announced, at favourable conditions.


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