Romania fights back against sham reforms

The government in Bucharest wants to change the country’s justice system and is also planning tax reforms. Civil society, opposition parties, unions and employers’ associations are up in arms.

Bucharest in November: An icy wind sweeps through the streets, though it does not seem to bother the more than 2,000 protesters gathered here this Wednesday. The storm originating from the Palace of Parliament and buffeting Romanians is far more serious – and far more dangerous, says a young man who has been protesting against so-called government reforms for days. “It is just too much. First the justice bill and now this tax adventure that will destroy the private sector. We have no choice, we have to protest,” explains Victor. Another demonstrator tells us that it is not desperation that has driven ever more people out on to the streets of Bucharest and other cities around the country over the last 280 days. Rather, it is the determination of those who feel the need to stand up and protect the rule of law.

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