Bulgaria’s nationalist Defence Minister wants to bring back compulsory military service

Krassimir Karakachanov, co-leader of Bulgaria’s nationalist United Patriots and now Deputy Prime Minister in charge of internal security and Defence Minister, has reiterated that he wants to see the country bring back conscription.

Karakachanov, who took office on May 4 as part of centre-right GERB party leader Boiko Borissov’s coalition government, in which the United Patriots is a minority partner, admitted that GERB had a “slightly different opinion” on the topic of compulsory military service.

The governance programme agreed between GERB and the United Patriots speaks about encouraging voluntary military service, but Karakachanov said that he would press for exploring the option of bringing back conscription.

Karakachanov said that many European countries had begun to talk about conscription and the topic was becoming more relevant.

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