Romania to receive six F-16s from Portugal on September 28

Romania’s Minister of National Defence, Mihnea Motoc, has announced that on Wednesday September 26 the first six F-16 aircraft will be taken over from Portugal, the day being branded as “historical” by the Romanian official.

“The first six F16 Fighting Falcons that bear the tricolour roundel of the Romanian Air Force will be officially taken over from Portugal tomorrow, September 28. Although I hesitate to use big words when I speak of acquisitions, be them major, I must say that tomorrow will be a truly historical day for Romania and its army,” Motoc said on Facebook on Tuesday.

In 2013, Romania decided to buy from Portugal 12 used F-16s. The initial intent was to buy 24 airplanes, but the final decision was for 12, for budgetary reasons. Beside the F-16, offers were made by companies producing the JAS-39 Gripen and the Eurofighter Typhoon, the offers being for new aircraft.

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