Plevneliev tells EU presidents: ‘Main goal not to let Europe fall into crisis of values’

Bulgarian head of state President Rossen Plenevliev has told his EU counterparts that their main goal is not to let Europe fall into a crisis of values and a lack of solidarity and unity.

Speaking in Bulgaria’s second city Plovdiv on September 14, the first of the two-day meeting of the Arraiolos Group – of the presidents of Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany and Finland – Plevneliev said “whether we are talking about migration or security, we must stand shoulder-to-shoulder”.

European citizens expected political leaders to act decisively and resolve problems, not exacerbate them, Plevneliev said.

“It is our responsibility to overcome the crisis, to revive public confidence and to strengthen the foundations of the European project,” he said.

The meeting of heads of state of parliamentary republics in the EU is reflecting on the future of a united Europe and the Balkans, as well as the challenges it faces today – the migration crisis, the fight against terrorism, and Europe after the referendum vote in the UK to leave the European Union.

Plevneliev said that today more than ever, European countries need unity and every leader is obliged to contribute to achieving it.

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