Film review: The Martian

We’ve all missed our transportation connections or somehow been left behind. It is inconvenient but usually it can be solved in a few hours or days.

Being left behind on another planet is something no human so far has faced. Ridley Scott’s latest film, The Martian, tries to take a fairly realistic look at how somebody might deal with such a situation.

The setup is crucial in a disaster film. If the filmmakers lose the audience at the start, it is hard to get them back.

The reasons leading the rest of the crew to abort their mission and leave someone behind make sense enough. The sudden now-or-never situation left them little choice.

As the stranded astronaut, Matt Damon gives a solid performances as Mark Watney.

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The Martian premieres at major cinemas in Bulgaria on October 2, under the title Марсианецът. In English with Bulgarian subtitles.