Bulgaria rejects claims that thousands of migrants are headed to its border

Claims that tens of thousands of migrants are headed towards the Bulgaria border are not true, Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov said on September 17, while the head of the country’s Border Police said that while there was some increased pressure, the situation at the border was calm.

In a television interview, Mitov said that while there were between 1500 and 2000 people close to the Turkish town of Edirne, the Turkish authorities were working on discouraging them from going towards the borders of European Union countries and were making an effort to return them to refugee camps.

He expressed appreciation for Turkey helping Bulgaria in every way regarding the migrant flows.

Mitov said that he thought that so far it had been proven sufficiently clearly that Bulgaria’s border was secure enough. He was responding to speculation that the paths of migrants are changing and would now go through Bulgaria.

There had been some attempts at boats carrying migrants docking along the southern Black Sea, but this had not been on a large scale, Mitov said.

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(Photo of Border Police head Antonio Angelov: Interior Ministry press centre)