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  • 2015 school year opens in Bulgaria
    September 15, 2015, by The Sofia Globe staff

    The 2015/16 school year opened in Bulgaria on September 15, with more than 750 000 pupils heading to schools across the country, including 64 841 first-graders. The number of first-graders […]

  • Hungarian border busy before new migrant law takes force
    September 15, 2015, by VOANews

    The small Hungarian border village of Röszke was awash with activity the night before the country promised to crack down on illegal border crossings by migrants. Sometime between 7:30 and […]

  • EU interior ministers fail to agree on refugee deal
    September 15, 2015, by Deutsche Welle

    EU interior ministers were supposed to agree on a relocation scheme for refugees. But they split up without even coming to a common conclusion, postponing any decisions to October. In […]