Bulgarian Prosecutor-General, facing protest backing judicial reform and demands to quit, refuses to resign

Several hours ahead of a public protest in Sofia demanding his resignation and expressing support for the Justice Minister’s judicial reform efforts, Bulgarian Prosecutor-General Sotir Tsatsarov said that he was refusing to step down.

Tsatsarov said in a July 14 television interview that he would not attend the protest, scheduled to be held at 6.30pm outside the Palace of Justice in the Bulgarian capital, to hear the arguments of those who wanted his resignation.

He said that everyone had a right to protest and he had a right to do his job in the way that he saw fit.

Tsatsarov, in office since December 2012, has been seen by critics as on the opposite in the national argument about judicial reform to Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov, who has held that post since August 2014 and who serves in a government that wants the constitution changed to achieve effective reform of the judiciary.

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