Film review: Time Out of Mind

He has a scar on the left side of his head, but we don’t know what happened. He is homeless, but we don’t know why. He used to be handsome, and he used to have a family; perhaps that explains why he can’t quite bring himself to admit to anyone that he lives on the street. Then again, seeing Richard Gere in this unglamorous role takes a while for us to get used to, as well.

In Time Out of Mind, the third film by screenwriter-director Oren Moverman, who so movingly dealt with love and loss in his début feature The Messenger (the story of a “casualty notification officer” who has to call on soldiers’ loved ones to announce their deaths on the battle field), the screen is often filled with vibrant colors, and the soundtrack is equally packed with snippets of dialogue. But the man at the center of the story, usually pictured on the other side of the glass as he blends into the crowds at stations and on the street, is taciturn and slow to deal with his predicament.

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