Tsipras says creditors want to humiliate Greece

Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras addressed Syriza MPs in parliament on Tuesday to brief them on developments in negotiations with the country’s creditors. He defended his decision to trigger January’s general elections and take power while also arguing against early elections now, saying Syriza can achieve a lot in the next four years.

Tsipras went on to question whether creditors are actually serious about getting a deal.  “Three weeks ago we produced a comprehensive plan that could be viable, but lenders failed to also compromise. Instead, they insisted on unacceptable measures, such as wage cuts and higher taxes,” he said.

The Greek PM told deputies that without funding “we cannot carry out our mandate” adding however that the lenders’ obsession for cuts cannot be a mistake; it has political ends as they want to humiliate the Greek government, Tsipras explained.

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