Greece’s creditors await alternative proposals from Athens

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker accused Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday of distorting proposals by Greece’s creditors for a deal on the country’s bailout and urged him to present alternative proposals this week with a view of wrapping up talks.

Speaking in the Greek parliament on Friday, Tsipras said the creditors’ proposed deal was “absurd” and unacceptable. Juncker said Sunday that while he considered Tsipras a friend, “in order to remain friends one has to respect some minimum rules”.

The Commission’s president said he expected negotiations with Tsipras and other euro zone leaders on the sidelines of an EU-Latin America summit in Brussels that starts on Wednesday.

Shortly after Juncker’s statements, Greek goverrnment officials maintained that “the Greek government awaits with interest the comments of the institutions on the proposal and is ready to continue from now on to attempt further convergence on the political level”.

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(Tsipras, left, and Juncker after a meeting in February 2015. Photo: EC audiovisual service)