Rival ultra-nationalists together to have 30 seats in Bulgaria’s Parliament

Bulgaria’s ultra-nationalist coalition the Patriotic Front will have 19 seats in Bulgaria’s newly-elected Parliament and its far-right Ataka rivals 11 seats, meaning that there will be 30 such MPs out of a total 240.

This is according to figures calculated by mathematic professor Mihail Konstantinov after 100 per cent of ballots were processed after the October 5 early parliamentary elections. The figures are unofficial pending final calculations and an announcement by the Central Election Commission.

The Patriotic Front is made up largely of Valeri Simeonov’s National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria and Krassimir Karakachanov’s VMRO. The coalition was formed ahead of the elections after Karakachanov, a 49-year-old previously identified as a collaborator with Bulgaria’s communist-era State Security secret service, took his VMRO out of alliance with Nikolai Barekov’s populist Bulgaria Without Censorship party.

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