Plevneliev accepts Ivanov’s offer on good neighourly relations agreement between Bulgaria and Macedonia

Bulgarian President Rossen Plevneliev has written to Gjorge Ivanov, his counterpart in Skopje, accepting his proposal that a 1999 declaration on bilateral relations be transformed into an agreement on good neighbourly relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Amid frequently difficult bilateral relations, the issue of formalising a good neighbourliness agreement has been on the agenda between the two countries for years and has been cited as key to Skopje’s stated ambitions of taking the country towards European Union membership.

In the past week, there was an exchange of messages between the two heads of state on a possible move to achieve a deal through revisiting the 1999 agreement.

According to a statement by Plevneliev’s office on May 17, the Bulgarian President wrote to Ivanov: “I readily accept your proposal the Declaration of the Prime Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia of 1999 to be transformed into an Agreement on Good Neighbourly Relations and Cooperation.”

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(Photo of Plevneliev and Ivanov: V Nikolov/