Prague street art points to anti-Russia sentiment

The Russians are coming.

Or rather, they may be looking to expand, and their recent actions in Ukraine don’t sit well with an anonymous protester in Prague who has stuck a few provocative stickers over the city’s street signs that are associated with areas — like Ukraine — that formerly belonged to the Soviet Union.

Scattered around Ruská ulice (Russian Street) in the Prague neighborhood of Vršovice, there are a number of streets whose names refer to countries, cities and in one instance, a body of water, that are all related to the Soviet era. Many of these, which don’t fall directly under the rule of present-day Moscow, have in recent days been targeted by an unknown individual who has put a sticker, simply reading “Ruská?” (Russian?), in the same font as the original, over the various street signs.

Among the streets where these stickers have popped up, there are Krymská (Crimean), Sevastopolská (Sevastopol), Černomořská (Black Sea) and Estonská (Estonian).

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